Here you will find the stories of our community members who turned their lives around and learn how they did it. Plus the occasional blog post.




Our stories both written and spoken deal with the disease and recovery from alcoholism, addiction, suicide, mental illness and abuse which may be a sensitive subject for some.

The personal stories disclosed here are written with courage and are not filtered for subject matter or profanity.


Growing And Learning

April has been a wonderful month of making new friends while growing and learning. Here is a short recap of the guests we had on the...

Stronger Together

STRONGER TOGETHER with Christopher from 40,000 steps in DeKalb Illinois Welcome to The Soberoso™ Podcast where we invite guests and...

More About Alcoholism

Welcome to The Soberoso™ Podcast where we invite guests and listeners from around the world to join us in “Sharing Our Passion For...

Psychedelic's And Natural Highs

When I was 14 years old my older sister was dating a guy 4 years older than her. He introduced her to pot and since she and I had always...

Skate Straight With Curt

My name is Curt Eichelberger and I am 48 years old. I started drinking and doing most drugs from the age of 14. I grew up in the...

From Heroin To Hero

For years, I struggled with a serious heroin addiction and when I finally hit rock bottom, I knew there was no turning back. Now, with more

From Homeless To Empowered With Purpose

One shot to my neck and it was a steep, swift descent to my bottom due to a debilitating addiction to heroin and meth. I lost it all… my mar

A Traumatized Little Girl Empowers Others

Kelly shares her story with us so openly regarding, childhood abuse, rape, addiction, trauma and eating all of her feelings until she gained