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Recovery In Paradise, Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is known as a real party town where many people love to vacation and fiesta. So, it may be surprising to hear that Vallarta also has a wonderful recovery community here with daily AA and NA meetings held in English.

They have also hosted an annual convention for the past 19years that brings in hundreds of people from all around the world to join in a weekend of recovery which has been selling out the past couple years well in advance. So, YES Puerto Vallarta has a wonderful community of people living and visiting who are clean and sober.


To enrich this recovery community in January 2021 a brand new center opened its doors in Puerto Vallarta Mexico that specializes in substance abuse treatment and the recovery from alcoholism.

The place is suitably called Recovery In Paradise and was opened by a beautiful husband and wife from Vancouver Canada who retired here. John and Nancy who are living examples of recovery found the perfect location to realize their dreams and built a team to offer a 90 day inpatient treatment program for men.

With overdose at record breaking highs in 2020 and those suffering with addiction and alcoholism Recovery In Paradise is a beautiful option for men who not only need help quitting, but also require a whole new way of living clean and sober.

They offer client centered care in this eight bed facility with group and individual therapy and are based in the 12 steps. To find out more please visit their website at

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