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Growing And Learning

April has been a wonderful month of making new friends while growing and learning.

Here is a short recap of the guests we had on the Soberoso Podcast. In episode #51 titled Drinking, Drugging And Disabilities we took a trip to Ontario Canada where we had a conversation with our new friend Martin P. He shared his incredible story with us on how he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at the young age of thirty which left him unable to work any longer and in his mind a justifiable reason to drink and drug himself into the ground. Check out his incredible story by clicking here.


episode #52 titled Stronger Together we visit my friend Christopher in DeKalb Illinois who is approaching is two year soberversary.

Christopher was drawn to getting away with his drinking which led to him driving around the block to finish his drinks before going to work, his wife finding empties in the car and drinking the day away on and off the job.

On a particular day on his way to the hospital via ambulance while kicking and screaming that his life was now over the EMT said something he remembers to this day

“Maybe, your life as you knew it is over…. And maybe that's ok.”

You can choose your turning point in life at any time. Christopher shares how “Alcoholism can be a symptom of an underlying issue, and for me, my underlying issue, my illness was my depression and my anxiety”. Check out the whole conversation here.

We take you on a trip to visit with my friend John Martin who has recently opened an English Speaking Substance Abuse Treatment center for men with his beautiful wife Nancy in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

When John got clean and sober for the last time more than twenty years ago he promised that when he was done with the 12 steps that he would then do them with someone else and since then he has helped hundreds of people go through the big book and live a life in recovery. Check out the interview here Ep#53 Recovering In Paradise

If you would like to know more about John and the incredible things he is involved in or the 90 day recovery program please check out their website at and if you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta please join them for their Sunday night English speaking meeting.

Dora Gosselin, who is your grateful host of the Soberoso Podcast had the mic turned on her this month as she sat down as a guest on 40,000 Steps Radio and openly shares her recovery journey.

In this show Dora discloses a part of her story that she hasn't shared with anyone yet regarding mental health issues.

Please check this episode out with her friend Christopher by clicking here.

We can and do recover!!!

If you are enjoying the SOBEROSO Podcast we kindly ask that you help us get the message out in the world that recovery is possible and it is never too late to change. Tap the SUBSCRIBE button wherever you are listening to the show (its free) and if you have a minute please leave us a review. Thank YOU!

Direct links to the Soberoso Podcast here SPOTIFY - GOOGLE - APPLE -BREAKER - POCKET CASTS - RADIO PUBLIC - OVERCAST

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