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From Homeless To Empowered With Purpose

My name is Kaylen and I started drinking at  12, popping pills and I started smoking pot at 14.  I was a high functioning  addict - good grades, AP classes,  played sports,  played college soccer on scholarship, and graduated with my Master's in Counseling ... all while addicted to alcohol, extacy, opiates and weed.

One day the plug couldn’t find what I was looking for--One shot to my neck and it was a steep, swift descent to my bottom due to a debilitating addiction to heroin and meth. I lost it all… my marriage, home,  car, my dog,  relationships, family, my purpose, my hope.

I was homeless, broke and subjected to traumatic experiences every day. When my health got bad  and I was exhausted, I finally reached out for help. I went to treatment - it didn't stick and I went back out and it got way worse for me. I was living in a trap house with no electricity, no water, no heat in Alaska in the middle of winter. I was overdosing all the time and then I got the hell beat out of me by this dude (my landlord). So I really had to ask myself if I wanted to live or die? I found that I wanted life.

I have been clean nearly 1.5 years. I made my way back into the helping field and now I am the Program Manager of a women and children’s residential substance abuse treatment facility where I am able to support women in recovery.

However, my soul’s work is my wellness biz: Purposeful+Empowered - I am a Recovery and Empowered Coach and I help women in recovery release physical and emotional weight and finally feel good in their body.

The picture of me on the right was just after I had tried to get clean and relapsed again and I was high as a kite living in a hotel. The picture on the left is the new clean and sober me living my best life.

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