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Finding Dora on Laur's World

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

A look at Dora's struggles with alcoholism, addiction and abuse and what it took for her to start loving herself enough to get clean and sober and start a journey of healing.

For any of you that have been following Dora's journey and building of the Soberoso ™ community you will have heard the Soberoso Podcast and some of her guest interviews.

However, you may not know that Dora also shows up as a guest on other recovery related platforms once a month to support other peers,

who are also doing incredible things to raise awareness around addiction & alcoholism recovery.


It was an absolute honor to flip the microphone and be a guest with a fan and another recovery advocate to recover out loud with Laurie on her youtube channel Please be sure to follow and support Laur's World of Sobriety with your words of encouragement.

You can watch this interview by clicking on the link right here.

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