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More About Alcoholism

Welcome to The Soberoso™ Podcast where we invite guests and listeners from around the world to join us in “Sharing Our Passion For Recovery.”

If you are an old timer in recovery, a newcomer, sober curious or a loved one of someone who struggles with alcoholism, addiction or mental health issues this show is for you.


Each Tuesday we bring you a brand new episode where our grateful host Dora either shares what's on her mind or interviews a guest with Q & A’s regarding what life was like before and after finding recovery.

We are real people who have overcome incredible odds to turn our lives around and are passionate about tearing down the stigmas around alcoholism and addiction by speaking our truth and getting heard.

You can find the SOBEROSO podcast on Spotify, Anchor fm, Apple, Breaker, Radio Public, Google Podcast, Pocket Cast Outcast, and listen directly from our website here

We are thrilled to have you joining us here for our 50th episode of the Soberoso™ Podcast.

Today for the first time we have all three team members of the Soberoso crew on the show together. Our Sober sister Dawn is joining us from Saskatoon Saskatchewan and Lyer is joining us from Southern Ontario Canada along with your grateful host Dora.

Together the three of them are going to be discussing more about alcoholism, behaviors of alcoholics and addicts, denial, justified reasoning and types of alcoholics. They will also be sharing their personal experiences before and after getting clean and sober.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from hearing this message please share it and help us tear down the stigmas and make it easier to talk about addiction and recovery.

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