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Stronger Together


STRONGER TOGETHER with Christopher from 40,000 steps in DeKalb Illinois

Welcome to The Soberoso™ Podcast where we invite guests and listeners from around the world to join us in “Sharing Our Passion For Recovery.”

If you are an old timer in recovery, a newcomer, sober curious or a loved one of someone who struggles with alcoholism, addiction or mental health issues this show is for you. Each Tuesday we bring you a brand new episode where our grateful host Dora either shares what's on her mind or interviews a guest with Q & A’s and a conversation regarding what life was like before and after finding recovery.


We are real people who have overcome incredible odds to turn our lives around and are passionate about tearing down the stigmas around alcoholism and addiction by speaking our truth and getting heard to show others that there is hope and we can recover.

In this episode of the Soberoso Podcast we take a trip to DeKalb Illinois to visit with our new friend Christopher. As he approaches two years of clean and sober time Christopher has been reflecting on his recovery journey with gratitude and appreciation for his new life and breaking free from the chains of addiction.

He tells us how it took years for him to get really good at drinking and eventually he did get really good at it. Christopher was drawn to getting away with his drinking which led to him driving around the block to finish his drinks before going to work, his wife finding empties in the car and drinking the day away on and off the job.

Christopher shares his experience with us before and after getting clean and sober and tells us about the turning point in his life. On his way to the hospital via ambulance completely wasted he fought kicking and screaming that his life was now over and the EMT said something he remembers to this day. “Maybe, your life as you knew it is over…. And maybe that's ok.”

We discuss the Hollywood rock bottom and how it really isn't necessary to drive your life into the ditch before realizing a change is needed. You can choose your turning point in life at any time. Christopher shares how “Alcoholism can be a symptom of an underlying issue, and for me, my underlying issue, my illness was my depression and my anxiety”.

You can listen to the full episode right here by hitting play on the video or you can find Soberoso wherever you listen to podcasts like Spotify, Apple, Breaker, Google and Pocket Casts just to name a few.

If you would like to know more about Christopher and his journey check out his brand new podcast titled 40,000 steps and follow him on Instagram by clicking here.

YOU can help us raise awareness around addiction and alcoholism by sharing our episodes on your own personal social media platforms, emailing an episode to a friend and join us in "Sharing Our Passion For Recovery" by making it easier to talk about these issues that affect millions of families around the world.

Mentions in this episode: Migs, Martin, Prince, Gateway Foundation in Aurora and Corey Harrington

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