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From Heroin To Hero

My name is Preston and my passion for life is truly contagious, my desire to live a beautiful and productive life only came about after I walked away from a life flooded by addiction.

For years, I struggled with a serious heroin addiction and when I finally hit rock bottom, I knew there was no turning back. Now, with more than six years sober, I empathize with and connect with my clients on a level that not only inspires sobriety but success as well.

My passion and excitement are unmatched qualities that continue to inspire those around me. In 2019, my brother and business partner, Dustin Durnford, passed away. As my best friend, confidant, and role model, I understood that the only thing to remedy the hurt in my heart was to help others find greatness in their own lives.

Without skipping a beat, I carried on my brother’s legacy, and my purpose, passion, and fulfillment only became stronger. Using lessons taught to myself by my brother and my father, who also passed early on in my life, fueled my desire to deeply connect and stand beside those in need of support and true, pure friendship.

While these trials and tribulations made a deep impact on my life, I used the depth of my emotions to fuel my fire even more. If you would like to know more about my work and passion please visit the website at Epic Journey

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