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Staying Sober When No One Is Watching

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

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First of all if you are laying off the sauce and cleaning up your act for someone other than yourself, getting sober is probably not going to last long. If you quit drinking only when someone is watching you are really just lying to them and lying to yourself!


Sure the kids, the husband, and improving your grades are all excellent motivators to never drink again, but If someone is telling you this is your last chance and that you better clean up your act or else, it's not going to last. If you are getting clean and sober in order to earn the approval of others, it won't work because you are doing it for someone else. When that someone disappoints you (which people always do) guess what your first thoughts and reactions are most likely gonna be? If you are getting sober for a reward and that reward is unexpectedly taken away after you've already gone two months without drinking, you will probably feel ripped off and head straight for the bottle.

The reward is sobriety. The reward is your life. The reward is that you are going to start making better decisions because you're no longer under the influence of alcohol. This results in regaining your self respect and self worth. The prize is not having a hangover on a Sunday and wasting the whole day in bed. The prize is that you will have the chance of becoming the best version of yourself, and that is the true reward.

I got sober because I wanted a better life. Now that I have experienced a life free of alcohol and drugs, I never want to go back to my old habits, where I used to be and how I used to feel.

If you want a better life and you struggle with alcohol or addiction make getting sober a choice for yourself and watch the world change around you! You might end up with the perfect soul mate and the life you always dreamed of but the journey in sobriety has to begin with a choice, your choice.

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Mar 31, 2020

It's our pleasure amiga💗 Thank you for your comment!


Thank you for the inspiration ☺💗

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