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New Podcast Episode: Awaken with Arlene

Check out our newest episode of The Retired Blackout Artists Podcast. In this episode we change it up a bit with the founder of Soberoso, Dora as the host, Chastity as the co-host and our special guest from White Rock BC, Canada is Arlene.

Arlene is a woman of wisdom and a whole lot of sobriety, over 40 years! Listen in on how Arlene got sober back in the day when the meetings were filled with men and cigarette smoke. How she has grown and keeps her sobriety in daily check...

The obstacles Arlene has faced as an alcoholic and in sobriety show us that getting sober is a choice and it is possible for anyone who has a desire and a will to change.

You can follow the direct link here to this episode of The Retired Blackout Artists

or find us on Soundcloud, iTunes, Apple Music, Stitcher and Spotify.

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