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Take a trip with us to The Red Couch Studio where these three beautiful women talk about their personal experiences in getting and staying sober.

Sari is our special guest in this episode who tells us about her 22 years of sobriety and when and what her last drink was. She also helps clarify what a sponsor is an how important getting one is when you are getting clean and sober.

Chastity is the always entertaining hostess with the mostest from The Retired Blackout Artists Podcast joined by sober sista Dora, her co-host from Soberoso.

This episode as always is filled with laughs as we look back at some of the stupid things we did in our drinking days along with a serious side of the highs and lows of getting and staying sober.

You can follow the direct link here to this episode of The Retired Blackout Artists

or find us on Soundcloud, iTunes, Apple Music, Stitcher and Spotify.

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